WordCamp Nepal 2015

Long awaited WordCamp Nepal 2015 successfully ended this last Saturday. I couldn’t attend the last WordCamp but I was not in a mood to miss this one. Attending WordCamp, representing ThemeGrill was surely a proud moment. ThemeGrill was the silver sponsor for the WordCamp. Me with my whole ThemeGrill team mates were there and we […]


Well here’s the question whether to use WWW or non WWW url with your domain? Which is better? What’s the impact on SEO? I think it doesn’t matter. But what ever you choose stay with one. Either redirect your www domain to non www or non www to www domain. SEO Perspective From the perspective of SEO […]

WordPress Custom Loop Pagination

Using WordPress normal loop to achieve something completely different is often not possible, So two things comes first. Either to use query_posts or wp_query. But its always better to use wp_query. There is almost nothing you cannot achieve using wp_query. But whenever Pagination comes in wp_query, its all messed up and even WordPress Codex do […]

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